28 Jun 2017

Interesting thoughts!

I totally agree with the comments made in this article...if we took away all the traditional/historical routines that our schools adhere to (for various reasons), then imagine the number of 'Da Vinci' students we would discover in our learning spaces!


9 Jun 2017

Supporting Emotional Intelligence

Learning can't happen if emotional needs are not being met - learners need to feel safe and calm first...

some tips from Sean Killian at the ASEBT


5 May 2017

Pop art portraits

A bit of a delay with sharing this lesson/unit idea:

Term One had a sketching and portraits focus so we started the term with some pop-art self-portraits (after looking at the different types of portraits that might be produced)...it was a lot of fun and the art is very creative. I got the inspiration from a Facebook post but am not sure whose!

I took black and white photos of the kids then printed them out on A3 - the kids turned them over to trace around their main features and facial shape, neck/shirt etc with pencil.

They then used black crayon to go over the outlines and to split large areas (eg face and hair) with dark lines before using coloured crayons (including white) to draw patterns inside each different space.

Next step was to use bright dyes in each section - don't they look awesome?!

9 Mar 2017

Lesson or unit starter ideas

The sort of things that those of us who have been teaching as long as me already know, but it doesn't hurt to have a reminder occasionally...


26 Jan 2017

Start the year off with lots of inquiry thinking...

Some very interesting points are made here by Australian inquiry 'guru' Kath Murdoch and have certainly got me thinking (again!) about how to incorporate more inquiry thinking across all curriculum areas...