6 Mar 2018

Completed pastel portraits - looking awesome!

2018 Team Kahu pastel portraits from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

Inspired by Canadian artist Sandra Silberzweig and with thanks to Cassie Stephens for her online video tutorial; we spent about three sessions to complete these and the kids really love the results 
(as do I!)

Here's the post of the early stages...

21 Feb 2018

Art inspiration - pastel self-portraits

I love this idea from Cassie Stephen's blog and the children were really keen to have a go!

Video lesson - we used oil pastels instead of chalk pastels, and did our lines with white chalk (which we will go over with black pastel once we finish the colouring, instead of the black glue).

Portraits underway...

White chalk outline first, then begin colouring in - aiming to use analagous.

Black outlines added with black pastel, will do the texture markings in the next session.